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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Live Blog: Tommy Wiseau's The Room- Preface

Alrighty.  I am ready.

How did this happen, you ask?  Well, it all started when the hubs said "Does the library own The Room? Because I feel like I really need to see it and I never have."  My library did not, but I placed a hold and within the week, a copy was waiting for me on the holds shelf.  People make all kinds of crazy comments in their film reviews.  And people use all kinds of altering substances to "ponder the meaning of life."  So why not combine both of these things in a live blog?

I've been meaning to get back on this blog.  It started as a personal project to kill some time when we first moved and then became sort of a profession-related blog.  But I'm thinking it should be a combo of the two.  So here I am, bringing you *slightly* inappropriate blog posts since 2012.

We're squared away and ready to start the movie*.  I am wearing my favorite pj pants (they have corgis!) and my Always Sunny "Kitten Mittens" T-shirt.  We have popcorn.  And none of that microwaved shit.  Straight-up air popped with REAL ASS BUTTER and salt.  Just like Grandma Richardson used to make.  Also, some leftover Sam's Club cookies and a giant drink.  It isn't a specific alcoholic concoction.  It was basically a bunch of vodka and whatever weird odds and ends I could find in the fridge left from last weekend (lime juice, orange juice, ginger ale, Sierra Mist...).

Me giving you (and Penny) the Eyebrow.

We celebrated in true pre-game fashion and had a shot.

Note the use of my classy "Spring Break 2008" shot glass.

And here we go!

*The laptop hates me and won't let me add my photos where I want them so they will be added either spastically or after I am sober (so like, tomorrow?).


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