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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Live Blog: Tommy Wiseau's The Room Part 6

I'm sorry, "Showing everybody 'me underwears.'" Mike, dude.  You can just call them 'underwear.'  Or maybe fancy fanny pants?

Hubs: I'm loving his frosted tips.

Johnny: That's life.  (in response to the 'underwears' story).

Hubs: That should be enshrined on a fucking tombstone.


I am laughing so hard that I'm afraid I am going to pee  my pants.  After I catch my breath, I run to the bathroom and come back to the living room where the Hubs is contemplating the mystery of the football.  Mark had the football first.  Then Johnny took it.  Now Denny shows up in a different location and brings the football with him.  Why does he show up in a random room with a football???

Hubs: Maybe Tommy Wiseau has a riddle that is imbedded in the football...  This isn't catch!  This is hot potato!  What is happening?  So are we supposed to infer that Mike just tripped over his frosted tips?

"Let's go home, Denny." -Johnny

"Ok."- An awkward Denny.


Hubs: So Grandma is trying to shake down her daughter's finance for money???  He's watching!  Here comes the blowup.  You know he's really involved in what's being said because you can actually see his eyes...

Me: What party is this?  Where?  Why?  Who? HUH?!?!?

Yeah Johnny, you record those awful bitches.  That'll prove your innocence! On a cassette tape!  Sweet!

Hubs: Does this guy not understand how a tape works?  Why is he recording now??? Even if the party were 30 minutes from now, there's no one in the room!

Who is this Peter guy???  Oh!  He's a psychologist.  He should probably give you some sound psychological advice.

"You know what they say: 'Love is blind.'"  Wow.  So awkward.

Hubs:  You know, we've seen some awkward acting in community theater but this is... wow.


Drink refill for the Hubs.



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