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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Live Blog: Tommy Wiseau's The Room Part 2

There is a gift of a horrid orange piece of clothing.  Or maybe it is red?  She can't turn in a circle.

Is he high?  I think Johnny is high.  "Anything for my Princess!"  Totally high.

Hubs: He's the type of guy who if he showed up at your door and said he had to tell you that he as a registered sex offender, you wouldn't not be at all surprised.


Hubs: Who is this kid?  Why is he there and why are they messing around upstairs.  Wait.  Why is he joining them?!?!

Kid on the screen (Derrick? Danny?): I just like to watch you guys.


What the actual FUCK????

Also, googling would prove that the kid's character is name 'Denny.'


"Denny, Two is great but three's a crowd."


Awkward silence...

"I get it.  You two want to be alone."

So is she his mom or his babysitter?  Also, Johnny keeps saying the kid's name like it is 'Danny' not 'Denny.'


Is this a software porn?

Hubs: Is this one of the guys from BoyzIIMen?


Hubs: So, we're like, 5 minutes in, right?

Me: So exactly how awkward is this going to get?

Hubs: They seem very obsessed with that flower.


Hubs: What are the odds Denny is watching?  I am almost 100% sure this guy told her it had to be as accurate as possible so they really needed to have sex.  And she promptly told him to go fuck himself.

Me: She has rose petals stuck to her back.  Wait, was it night before?  I thought it was daytime???

Hubs:  Good point.  Poor Denny must be hungry.  What is with the fucking flower???  Goddamn it!  Why do we have to see his bare ass walking away???

"Can I get you anything?"
"Uh uh.  I have to go now."

Me: Who is this this grandma???  Why is she there???


Well, at least Grandma is laying this all out in terms we can understand.

"You've known him for five years.  You're engaged to him.  He supports you.  And you can't support yourself."

Does she have some disability we don't know about that makes it so Lisa can't work?  She looked fine enough while having sex... what is happening?



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