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Monday, September 23, 2013

Reference Question of the Day: Puberty & Stuff

So this reference question got asked a month or so back, but the exchange was so adorable I had to share.

A female tween/preteen who had been asking me to help her find various books all morning came back to the desk for another round.  Normally, this is a very outgoing, engaging young person so when she sort of crept up to the desk and whispered her question I was a little concerned.

"This is really embarrassing."  She began and buried her face in her hands.

"No worries."  I told her.  "How can I help?"

"Well, my mom told me to ask for... god, this is embarrassing... a DVD about like, puberty and stuff." *buries head in hands a second time*

I just smiled and told her that wasn't embarrassing at all- that I'd had people ask me practically everything under the sun and that her question didn't even come close to being weird or embarrassing and that she shouldn't ever be shy about asking. And sure enough, I found her a "birds and the bees etc." DVD and she was happy.


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