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Friday, August 16, 2013

Scary-Bad Book Covers

Today's Scary-Bad Library Book Cover:

Time-Life's The LIFE History of the United States, Volume 5: 1849-1865

Where did the picture for this photo come from?????? I (of course) looked in the book to see who was credited with this masterpiece but could find NOTHING!

Several possible inspirations for this work come to mind:

1.  This was originally a painting of Moses telling Pharaoh to "Let my people go!!!!"  Just substitute a staff for the gun and some sort of ten commandments thing-y for the book (yeah, yeah.  I know the commandments happened after the Jewish people were free).  You see it, right?

2.  Paul Bunyan showed up to free the slaves in the South.  But where is Babe????

3.  Zeus decided to come down and was all like, "What up, Civil War people?"  I mean, he is HUGE compared to everyone else in the picture!  What's up with that?  

You cannot un-see it!  Happy Friday, ya'll!!!


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