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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Back to the World of the Living!

Hi all!

For those of you who don't know, I finally found a job!!!!!!  I started about two months ago in the Reference department at an area public library and I am LOVING it!  I get to order large print books, language books, photography books, books in Espanol and audio books as well as run programs for adults and work on the reference desk.  Hooray for jobs!  But more importantly, hooray for libraries!

I've decided that since there's not a whole lot of interesting stuff going on in my life these days (other than the new job), that I'm going to resort to posting book reviews and craft projects.  But don't worry!  I'm going to take a page from the book of one of my favorite blogs: Forever Young Adult.  Aside: Um, if you haven't read this blog, you should really start.  Their highly scientific analyses alone are worth a look :) At any rate, their book reviews have a formula and they are snarkily fun.  I'd like to think that describes my humor a bit.   So stay tuned!  More fun things coming soon.


  1. BTW- Forever Young Adult is more a website and less a blog. But it is still super funny and awesome.