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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

First real post

So.  I've been "underemployed" Since the 7th.  This week has been the first where I've actually been finished with signing legal documents and moving our stuff.  Granted there are still a hundred boxes sitting around here unopened but... whatever. 

Here are some things I have done since moving up here:

  • Opened a new checking account
  • Had the interwebs, phone, Dish and a home security system installed
  • Got new carpet put in our library/music room (more carpet coming soon)
  • Had 5 rooms plus most of the basement floor painted
  • Had the renovation guys start tearing out our upstairs bathroom (Oh the tile dust!  Why didn't I think about the tile dust?!?!)
  • Talked to every single office in the Milwaukee area about water testing.  And now that I've found the right lab that will test to see if we have lead in our water, I have to take the water to them instead of the other way around.  
  • Bought a ton of shit (including but not limited to: carpet, lamps, sink, TV stand, about 8 rolls of shelf liner, garbage cans)
  • Went to my local Ace Hardware to have some keys made and basked in the small, hometowny-ness of it
  • Visited the local bookstore and purchased Montana 1948 

Things I have yet to do:

  • Finish a book. Which sucks because I'm currently working on Tracks by Louise Erdrich and I've enjoyed every book I've ever read by her.
  • Get a job
  • Clean out our garage.  Which is a problem since neither the hubs nor I can park in there at the moment.
  • Meet my neighbors to the south.  Which is also a problem because we're going to be installing a fence next to their property and we should probably talk about it with them before it goes up.
  • Successfully hook up my flexible dryer duct to the vent and have the damned thing stay hooked up.  Apparently I fail at simple home fixes.
  • Get a job
  •  Attend some sort of 'fest in Milwaukee (Yep.  Missed Summerfest, Bastille Days and several others).
  • Have visitors at our new house (though I hear this will be remedied soon)
So there you go.  Nothing too exciting yet.  But I have yet to spend more than 45 minutes in my local library so we'll see what happens then.

Update: Since I now  have plenty of time to make lots of tasty food for dinner these days, the hubs is requesting that I have a daily menu on here.  You know, like when you were in middle school and they'd read what lunch was on the morning announcements?  Like that.

Tomorrow's Dinner Menu: Lasagna Roll-ups, fresh green beans, homemade cheddar herb bread.

Tonight's Menu was: Double Crunch Honey Garlic Chicken, homemade garlicky potato wedges, sliced strawberries.


  1. Librarian related update: I met one of the tenants in the duplex to the North of us yesterday. When she told me that the other tenant had a teenaged daughter my brain went "Yay! A teenager! I wonder if she reads..." Is that creepy? Probably.