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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Live Blog- Tommy Wiseau's The Room Part 1

Other than the film rating, the first thing on the screen is a giant "Wiseau Films" production banner comes on.

Me: This guy has his own production company?
Hubs: I'm pretty sure this was his only film.  He did it all himself.  Maybe he filled out a few forms or something.

Question for film people: How exactly does that work?  Does one just fill out a few forms, pay some fees and magically have their own production company?


It appears we are in San Fran.  So... to quote the hubs "So... some Room in San Francisco?"

We've got a lot of juxtaposition of scenic shots vs. actor names.  Classy?  I'm not convinced.

The hubs brings up a good point: would you or wouldn't you want to have you name taken off this afterwards?  He thinks no since it is a cult classic.

Hubs: Those look like the houses from Full House.  What was it Michelle said?  "Whatever, Dude."

Me: That would be "You've got it, dude!"

Hubs: Or was that Stephanie's?

Me: No.  Hers was "How rude!"


Oh!  We're actually INSIDE a room!!!


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