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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Being an Adult

When did being an adult begin to suck? Okay, I realize there are jobs we have to work, bills we have to pay, people we have to take care of. Most of us lost interest in bar hopping every night and obsessively attending rock concerts. So when did all of this happen? After High School? After college? The most important non-fun adulthood item I've come across lately is not having friends.

Talking to one if my oldest and best friends this afternoon got me thinking. Yeah, ok. I have a ton of Facebook friends. And I still have a handful of friends from High School and college who I still talk to on the phone once in a great while. I mean friends to call for no reason who you could talk to for an hour or more. I mean adults my own age who want to hang out. Since graduating college, I haven't had that. I miss having a friend who lives in the same town I do. Who likes the same nerdy movies, music and books. I miss hanging out with girls (sorry, Hubbs. I still love you). I don't even have any kids yet and I'm already living a completely boring life. I love the new city we call home. I love my husband. But I miss having friends. I don't want to have to have kids in order to have a play date so I can hang out with other adults outside of a work setting. Where do adults even meet new friends outside of work or bars? Hint: if you say "a coffee shop" I may punch you.

Being an adult in a new city/state sucks.